1. To form community based organizations among the rural populations for better local community all round development.
  2. To take up projects on health, education, technology, environment etc.
  3. To take up more income generating activities for women and youth, creating economic independence and sustainability.
  4. To take up care, concern and rehabilitation programs and projects for orphans, street children, victims of domestic violence, aged, disable and deserved, placing them in right place in the society, enabling them enjoy the quality of life that every one deserved (education, shelter and basic needs.)
  5. To help in case of natural disasters like cyclone, floods, earth quakes, Tidal waves and fire accidents, etc.
  6. To work in collaboration with both Government and Non Government Organisations and Agencies economically backward communities.
  7. To take up social, cultural and charitable activities for all round development of the poor and suffering irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.
  8. To develop community based leaders through training program and equip them to be counselors.